Thurs 13th June - Sat 15th June

Flying Feathers

We are busy rehearsing for our next production, a full length comedy directed by Caz Pierce.

“Flying Feathers” by Derek Benfield is a delightful play that promises laughter and chaos.


When Chief Constable Henry Potterton and his sister arrive at the peaceful country house of their late, lamented brother Bernard, they are astonished to find several scantily clad ladies wandering about. The reason behind this unexpected situation? During Bernard’s visit to a religious commune, his housekeeper transformed the place into a “house of sin.” Now, she hastily tries to hide the truth, leading to hilarious comings and goings.

Just when things couldn’t get any crazier, Bernard himself turns up alive, throwing the household into further chaos.

The play features a cast of members old and new, and its farcical elements promise an entertaining experience for both the audience and the characters involved. If you’re in the mood for laughter and unexpected twists, “Flying Feathers” might just be the perfect choice! 

Performance dates are 13th-15th June so put a date in your diary now!

Cast list

Our cast, chosen and directed by Caz Pierce, are:

Anthony Ward as Henry

Julia Adamson as Sarah

Richard Boddy as Roger

Iain Cameron as Mr T

Meg Boddy as Polly

Eve Ousley as Debbie

Anne Meyer as Sally

Alexandra Martin as Jackie

Ryan Reynolds as Bernard

If you are interested in being involved in any way, please come along and meet us!