The Noble Spaniard by
W. Somerset Maughan


 2021 will see this production come to life at

Chinnor Village Hall

Look out for dates and ticket sales 



Our cast for this production:-

Lady Proudfoot – Lynn Boyd-Leslie

Justice Proudfoot – Jake Pierce

Marian Nairne – Anne Davies

Lucy – Emily Patterson

Mary Jane – Rose Weakley

Captain Chalford – Oscar Boddy

Count de Moret – Michael Oatway

Countess de Moret – Megan Boddy

The Duke of Harmanos – Anthony Ward


The Plot:

When the maid tells him that Justice Proudfoot is the master of the house, he naturally mistakes that elderly gentleman for Marion's husband and challenges him to a duel, which of course brings Lady Proudfoot under her husband's suspicion. One after another, the men in the piece are mistaken by the impetuous foreigner for the husband of his adored one, and one after another, he tries to fight them all. In the end Marion succumbs to this passion - it seems the only way to kill it.