A hilarious panto that has love, revenge and an enormous dose of laughter as we travel to Camelot to see Arthur woo his Guinevere. We meet Merlin who is determined to find eternal youth battling his old rival Morgan le Fey and the love struck evil Valerin, King of the Tangled Wood, who plots to take Guinevere back to his Misty Castle, with the help of his mum, of course!

View our large cast below:-


Eve Ousley as Arthur

Amelie Irving - Guinevere

Michael Oatway - Laughalot

Emily Patterson - Nell

Gaby Oatway - Morgan Le Fey

Oscar Boddy - Valerin The Vicious

Megan Boddy - Valerin's mother

Anthony Ward - King Uther

Ian Cameron - Connie Clatterbottom

Theo Reed - Teddy

Chris Jackson - Merlin

Sonny Hardstaff - Young Merlin

Richard Boddy - Marlon

Nia Swaffield - Nilrem and the clock

Samara Austin - Dave

Pete Robertson - Bishop

Evil Sisters, Knights all juniors in rehearsal