Anyone for Murder

Anyone for Murder by Brian Clemens and Dennis Spooner is not so much of a “who did it”, but a “who did not do it”. The story unfolds on a solitary Greek Island. And what unfolds on this island is plot after plot to kill poor little Janet; just about everyone in the cast joins in at some point in either trying to kill her or covering up her death, but.............

Michael Oatway - as MAX

Janet, my beautiful wife you have LIFE INSURANCE (mmm Suzy and I could do with that when we elope)

Helen Boddy - as Janet

Innocent wife of Max My darling husband Max OOOh I do love him but he stands NO chance of getting his hands on MY money

Anne Davies - as Suzy

the MISTRESS Wonder if we chopped her up in bits she would fit in here we need her gone and grab the money

Carolyn Irving - as Mary

faithful friend to Janet Or is she? Janet and Mary are to inherit but is Mary's share of the money enough for her or does she want more!

Anthony Ward - As George

long time married to Mary Just think what all that money could do, new horizons, escapism, I need to plan......

Errr mmm I'm wearing my best bow tie - just to impress the ladies

Richard Boddy - as Edgar: An author but even he could not write such intrigue. But when money is involved who knows where his imagination will take him...….

A mixture of characters, island setting how could you not be ready for such great entertainment.