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Cheshire Cats - October 2016

A review of the Chinnor Player’s production of Cheshire Cats – A Play by Gail Young 

The Chinnor Players production of Cheshire Cats, directed by Rose Weakley, drew in sizeable audiences on each of the three nights it was performed and captured both the humorous and serious elements of this play well.

The play combined comedy and poignancy, laughter and tears, and all the cast took on their characters whole heartedly.  Alongside the teamwork, humour, bickering and romance, the characters also let the audience glimpse their inner thoughts, turmoil and struggles as they delivered their individual monologues; the final monologue of the play, delivered by Maggie, moving many within the audience to tears.

The set was kept plain and neutral, with just the addition of a few props to accentuate the changing locations, and this worked well.  The ‘Cats’ sported decorated bras for their walk, with the only male member of the ‘Cats’ outfit looking particularly fetching!

Alongside the cast and director, there were many other people involved in putting this production on.  I won’t mention anyone by name for fear of leaving someone out but, needless to say, without the hard work that went into helping backstage, front of house, carrying out set build, preparing and working the lighting and sound, publicising the production, providing charity advice, prompting and any other job which I may not have mentioned, the play would not have been as successful as it was.

Overall an entertaining, funny, and moving play.  Well done to all involved!